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The Winter Equinox of 2014 gave rise to the dawning of Detached Audio, a label created by Manu in order to push experimental bass music crossed with ambient styles, initially drawing influence from Boards of Canada, with further influence coming from Drum & Bass labels such as Exit Records and Hospital Records to bring about a unique cross-genre style taking listeners on a journey.

Never one to think of himself as a traditional label boss, Manu used this outlet to push his brand of bass music alongside that from underground artists which he enjoyed. Detached Audio has seen a number of releases covering a wide range of styles, from ambient styled artists such as Belial Pelegrim, Tiqueu, Jamimasen, Trônes de l'Obscurité and The Tin Box, to more Drum & Bass influenced artists such as Option, IV4, Newcaise and Sirus.

In the Summer of 2017, a collaboration with friend and fellow producer K2T prompted Manu to invite K2T to help further curate the label and as a duo, broaden the horizon of Detached Audio to cover soulful aspects of bass music while keeping the original ethos of the label at the forefront of its perspective.
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