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In 2002 began the story of a modern Viking invasion in the form of a unique hard dance sound emerging from the far north of Europe. In the following years a collective of producers, DJs and other artists from the harder edge of club culture was formed to spread a revolutionary new sound all over the world. And soon, possibly for the first time in history, a brand name had become such a trademark that an entire genre of music was named after it. That name is FINRG.

FINRG is an active community. FINRG has published more than three hundred tracks, and a myriad of dj mixes. FINRG is a party organizer in Finland; every year, and sometimes bi-annually, a FINRG party is a big and waited-for event, with hundreds of attendants. FINRG progresses with aesthetic values in the forefront: FINRG is the sound of sunshine on midsummer nights and the deep darkness of polar winter. FINRG echoes the whispers of the nordic winds, power of Ukko the sky-god and wild escapades of Jallu and sauna.

FINRG includes the following DJs and producers, many of which are internationally known: Alek Száhala, Proteus (best hard dance DJ 2004 and 2005), Carbon Based, DJ RX, Re-Form, Swoosh, Nomic, Pain on Creation, JNKS, Epyx&Cyrez, Grimsoul, Substanced, Sam One, Horzi, IAF, J7, Tyranoid/Strongstream, Yaya, Yediah, Plasmadancer (Japan), Jayvee, Alchemiist and DJ EE.
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