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Progressive Dreams is a label with a goal of showcasing the best of Progressive & Melodic music from artists around the world.

It is founded by Irish DJ and label founder Shane Collins, Collins who has been in the electronic dance music scene for 15 years and has developed a passion for the progressive kind.

The main objective here at Progressive Dreams is to provide a platform for artists the world over to release their art and the core of everything we do will be music that is euphonic, melodic, tuneful and something that keeps you coming back for more.

Progressive Dreams wants to help shape the scene and bring progressive dance music to the forefront of people's minds within the industry and most importantly, the casual dance music fans.

Our goal is to provide recognisable music and to make this progressive family even bigger. We believe music was made for sharing and we will lead by example. If you have created music that is Progressive, Melodic, House or Trance then please send it to us because we would love to hear.
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