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Coastline Music proudly brings out the news to expand to a new sensational label alongside another dashing label within our label group. Shoreline Music will bring augment the dedication that we have been projecting since our inception on Progressive House. While Coastline Music (main label) is projects veterans and premier names, Shoreline Music will be the home of our upcoming progressive talents.

Something of a mission that Michael (USA) and GAR aka George Anthony Rai (India) had at Midnight Coast was to bring newer upcoming artists to a good size label. This is how artists like Michael Rehulka, Michael Christian, SixthSense, Deidian , Renaldas and Eric de la Vega did so well on Midnight Coast.

Our plan is to implement the same raison d'être with Shoreline Music by bringing new artists as well as middle tier veterans in Progressive House.

We have already on board with some of the best talents of global progressive scene alongside supporting new talents and mentoring them to evolve their sounds on Shoreline Music including Talamanca, South Pole, and Solarbeam, Andres Sanchez and lots more. All veterans who want to help the label get off to a good front.
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