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Techno Mafia Recordings is a new, exclusive and very serious label created for to release only high quality Techno music. We are very careful in choosing the right music for our label, it is definitely the most important thing for us, we accompany our releases with very well designed covers, with a clear and minimalistic aesthetic, with very original and well chosen designs for each release, of this way we show that our content is of high quality. We believe that having excellent music and excellent image is the right way to succed and turn our label into well known and respected brand worldwide.


Our artists are serious people who really want to succed in this world, they work hard for to produce excellent music and be respected in the industry. Artists like Arian Faraone with several award nominations, Elvis Xhema, G8, DMCK to name a few, are guys who are achieving great success in their careers, they have releases in the highst positions of the world charts, their music is supported by the highest names in the international scene, are supported by radio stations, showcases, music magazines, really are artists who are revolutionizing the industry and that surely will have much more success.

Label Objetives:

Our objetives are very clear, to release only high quality music with a great image, for to turn our young label into a well known brand wordwide, with amazing releases from our elite artists, but also to support new talent, there are really very good producers out there, waiting to be heard and looking for that opportunity on this very competitive industry. Recently we opened our doors for demos, and we have received many of them, with very good music from established artists but also from new ones, so we are organizing an excellent catalog with very good music for to release when we can.

Our website and social networks:

We are a new label, so a short time ago we developed our website, it is a clear, aesthetic and minimalistic site, we have our main page with our logo and link to our networks, our page with a clear and concise description of what we are, a page for promos and another for demos, and we continue to develop it. Our social networks of course are also young, we are on facebook, instagram, soundcloud, youtube and twitter, we are working very hard to attract new followers, it is a bit difficult at the beginning as well know, but we are working hard on it, we constantly upload articles about our artists, previews of our releases, videos, news etc. As we mentioned before it is a bit difficult at the beginning but we are working so much, and we are sure that with our new excellent releases many more followers will come very soon. So please we ask you for a little bit of pascience, everything has a beginning and let us please that our music and image speak for us, thank you.

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Techno Mafia Recordings
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