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Total Hardcore Digital (THD) was established in November 2016, a spin off from 'Total Hardcore' which was radio show online @ hosted by Owner/Founder of Total Hardcore: 'HyperTrax' - we bought out a FREE, UNMIXED digital album back in August 2016, which received many downloads and positive feedback, with help from various artists that were featured such as: Technical Difficulties, Gisbo, Doug Horizon, Sash Dee, Meakz to name a few, after the success of the album it was really something 'HyperTrax' wanted to do (Release Music) not only his own but other peoples too, he then went on to establish what you see today, a small but fast growing digital label releasing work from artists such as Ultravibes, Kevin Instinct, Adam Mohican, Doug Horizon, JKO, Brady, BassJunkie, Nylar (Formally UpNiDown) Gisbo, HyperTrax, ZoeVanwest, Dionne, Nia, we have many plans in the pipeline and are always on the look out for artists to release with us whether established or up & coming.

In August of 2017, the label was taken over by Kevin Instinct, with Hypertrax retaining the position of 'accounts manager'.

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(Below is the link for the FREE UNMIXED album)
Total Hardcore-The Album OUT NOW:
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