One Again

House Deep
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Dance Artifakts emerges from the fires of 20 loving years in the studio. The inaugural release from label head, Terron Darby and Elwan, 'One Again,' is a smooth bouncer that's equal parts hypnotic and melodic, with a warm ping ponging bass line that draws you into a warm and soothing sea and leaves you caressed by wave after endless wave of pleasure and satisfaction. In his 'Dark Mix,' studio veteran Rudiment presents a grand and haunting reimagining rife with kinetic energy and anticipation, adding a touch of acid to the brew. Rudiment's 'Groove Mix' is a journey down a psychedelic river into the dark jungle of the unknown, guided by the eerie call of a siren beckoning to you through the mist. Each entry of DA001 stands alone in a world created unto itself, bound by groove and presented with love.

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