Relaxed Noise

Trance Psy / Goa
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André Freire aka XAOCX was born in Portugal (Aveiro) in 1985. He began his passion for music in his earlier days, to learn to play drums and guitar in his childhood influenced by his father who also played guitar. 7-year-old began playing in cover bands and dance accompanied by other older elements. At age 13 when he became a teenager his father enrolled in a music school to study percussion in which walked up to 20. He began to explore the rhythms of jambe, an instrument he still often uses today. Later influenced by friends, he felt drawn to Rock / Metal, a heavier and darker side. With these influences he did some projects with some garage bands and did some live performances outside the country, along with some well-known artists. Later, he discovered other musical genres, more melodic, but also alternative since the 90s, Gothic to the actual Trip-Hop, funk, rock he introduced the taste for sequenced beats and environments eletrônicos.Em 2001/2002, influenced by friends It was a festival of music and psychedelic trance subculture. In 2003 he began the first psytrance productions in his room and started his own solo project under the name ZIGHLA, which is in service since the year 2010. On a trip to Switzerland in 2013 then there is the XOACX Project, with much more accelerated bpm and darker melodies. Today this project is quite different, calmer and psychedelic (150 bpm).

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