General Tunes4djs conditions
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08520 Les Franqueses del Vallés (BARCELONA)

These are general conditions for using this site.Them must be agreed for register as user, label, artist, aggregator or affiliate.

1. For music buyers

1.1 After payment of tracks you will have 3 days for download every song buyed. If you have any problems, please contact using 'contact' link of site and let us know your problem. We can re-activate download if needed.

1.2 Sales are strictly limited to end-consumers, no further distribution or other exploitation are allowed.

1.3 reserves the right to delete files older than 3 months or music files whose sales expectations have not been good, without notice.

1.4. Refunds

We can offer a refund only in the case the track is not available or have reproduction issues.

1.5 Support

The support is provided via our site

1.6 Social network functionalities: Comments, events, public profiles

Tunes4djs reserves the right to erase, modify or block content that does not comply with basic rules of respect for other members of the website or that are offensive. Any form of illicit advertising through the comments will have the same treatment.

2. For Labels, and aggregators

2.1 For register is important you have legal rights for sell tracks you want upload. All accounts suspect of some illegality will be terminated.

2.2 Royalties conditions

2.2.1 the portal tunes4djs will be pay to user paypal account (by default) or bank transfer the 50% of net sales. For net sales we say the price for sell less authors rights payed to SGAE and less all transaction fees for sell music on-line.

2.2.2 We pay royalties Quarterly if your account exceeds 20€. The collection rights of the outstanding balance expire if the label or aggregator does not respond to our communications after 1 year and the pending amounts in our databases will be erased.

2.2.3 We reserve the right for no accept any track with a minimum quality of production and /or audio quality or don´t suits our styles.

2.2.4 The label /aggregator accepts to keep the tracks licensed in our servers for sell them for the minimum period of 1 year and automatically renewed annually unless it is expressed by postal letter or e-mail 30 days before the end of each period.

2.2.5 These conditions are detailed in a contract that requires to be signed before start the cooperation.

3. For affiliates

3.1 Conditions Affiliate

3.1.1 The portal will paid in the user's Paypal account (default) or bank transfer the 25% of net sales from its affiliated users purchases. As Net sales we understand the outcome of discounting the sale price without tax, copyright cleared at SGAE, all expenses of the transaction and the amount paid to the labels.

3.1.2 Our affiliate settlements are payed quarterly and whenever your balance exceeds 20 €.

3.1.3 If the affiliate user upgrade or buy any of payment plans, gold or platinum, he can´t downgrade never to the free plan.

3.1.4 If the user fails to pay affiliate plan with a delay of more than 30 days, he will lose the rights to collect royalties from due month in advance and your account may be terminated without warning.